Governing Board Meeting

Friday, December 9, 2016 - 05:00

The Solutions Alliance Governing Board held an ad hoc meeting in Geneva, Switzerland, on 09 December 2016. This was intended as a non-decisional meeting to introduce the Governing Board to the new Head of Secretariat. However, a decision needed to be taken on the 2017-2019 strategy and adjunct budgetary discussions in time to receive 2017 contributions. This report summarises the main issues addressed by the Governing Board.

  1. Welcome, Opening Remarks, and Introduction
  2. Discussion on the Interim Strategy
  3. Discussion of the Short-Term Budget
  4. Discussion and Decision on the Basket Funding Proposal
  5. Any Other Business
    1. Setting of the 2017 meeting
    2. Chair & Vice Chair arrangements
    3. Closing of the meeting

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